Job Mela – Recruitment of Geoscience graduates by industry, during the AEG International seminar on Geophysics, 5-7 Nov’06 at Hyderabad, India.


The Association of Exploration Geophysicists (AEG) established in 1974 with its current membership strength nearly 1400, has been continuously active in promoting the cause of earth sciences in the country through various programs like National, International seminars, group discussions, training courses, Journal and book publications. Today AEG seminars have come to stay as rallying point not only for discussing specific scientific problem through interaction between researchers, scientists, academicians, specialists from industry but also for promoting interaction between Industry and Universities/institutions, the later being the centers of learning/training for future geoscientists to be employed by the Industry.

In this context, We have great pleasure in informing you that the AEG is conducting its Third International seminar on Geophysics at Hyderabad, during 6-12 Nov 2006. During the seminar AEG is going to organize a “Job Mela” on 6th and 7th November 2006, at which the representatives of several well-known industries related to resource Exploration will conduct interviews for geophysics/geology candidates and make selections as per their requirements. It is in this context We request you to encourage eligible students of your university/institute to attend these interviews and facilitate their attendance at these interview sessions, by keeping the institute’s academic schedule such that the students are free in those two days to attend the interview. We also request you to encourage some of the bright students to prepare and present research communication/ideas at the student session of the International seminar. This aims at providing an opportunity for deserving students to experience an exposure to the R&D environment. The AEG also offers to provide some basic assistance/guidance in formulating presentations for the enthusiastic bright students, who would come with some new ideas/techniques that could form a topic for presentation.

 Looking forward to your valued cooperation.


This may please be given wide publicity among all the members of the student community.


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