Job Mela,  A common platform for employers and Geoscience graduates during the AEG International Seminar on Geophysics,  5- 7 Nov’06 at Hyderabad, India.


            The Association of Exploration Geophysicists (AEG) was established in the year 1974 to promote the cause of all disciplines related to exploration geophysics. During the last 30 years the AEG has grown from strength to strength as reflected by its current membership of nearly 1400. During this three decade period, the AEG together with National and State organizations and R&D organizations engaged in Hydrocarbons, Mineral, Groundwater, Geotechnical, R&D and academic activities in geosciences, organized several seminars on exploration geophysics in different parts of India. Through these seminars, the AEG was able to provide a common platform to different practitioners of geosciences year after year for exchange of ideas and interaction and in the process it became possible to focus and bring to light, the strengths of various geoscientific institutions of India. Today AEG seminar has come to be viewed as a rallying point not only for discussing specific scientific problems but also for promotion of Geosciences itself in the country. Some of the important aspects related to the above programs are included as a power point presentation in the CD enclosed.

            We are happy to record that presently we are witnessing an unusually active phase in the field of Exploration activity. The unprecedented levels of crude oil prices all over the world, has provided such an impetus for accelerated exploration programs for energy needs all over the world. In India, during the last three years national, public sector and private organizations engaged in geophysical exploration have conducted campus interviews in all the 10-12 universities teaching geophysics. It gives me immense satisfaction to see these young and bright geophysicists bubbling with happiness and expectations to take careers in the subjects in which they are trained during their student life.

            AEG wishes to further strengthen the prevalent opportunities and optimism among the geophysics graduates in particular and geoscience graduates in general in India. Towards this end a JOB MELA is proposed to be held on 5th, 6th and 7th Nov’06 on the eve of the International seminar being organized by AEG at Hyderabad. The JOB MELA is conceived to provide a common platform to all the prospective employers in geosciences anywhere in the world. The Indian geoscience graduates who are known for their hard work, intelligence and well-formulated academic training will be invited to the JOB MELA to be interviewed by the prospective employers.

Towards this end, the Biodata of all the Geophysics graduates and those who graduated with honors in Geology from over 140 universities in India will be made available to the employers who are participating in these programs at “FREE OF COST” on 5th, 6th and 7th Nov’06. The employers can choose the candidates they wish to interview and select them on the spot. AEG will provide the necessary facilities for conducting the interviews. During this period the captains of the Indian industry and R&D organizations in Hydrocarbons, Mineral, Groundwater, Geotechnical will interact and extend any support that is needed.

We extend a cordial invitation to your esteemed organization to participate in this exercise which is aimed at not only providing employment to the graduates of geosciences but also, more importantly, pave the way for attracting better talent into the field of Geosciences in the coming years.

            We will be thankful if you confirm your participation or otherwise at any early date. Please feel free to write to us for any further clarification and additional information you wish to seek.

            Looking forward to meeting you during the AEG International seminar on Geophysics during 6th - 12th   Nov’06 at Hyderabad, India.


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