ONGC - AEG Awards
for the Best Ph.D Theses in Geophysics

Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. with the aim of encouraging and promoting scientific research in geophysics has sponsored the following two prizes to be awarded in each (calender) year from 1997 (to be known as ONGC-AEG Best theses awards) to the

i) Ph.D thesis recognised as the best of those awarded in the field of exploration geophysics by an Indian University.

ii)Ph.D thesis recognised as the best of those awarded in the field of development geophysics by an Indian University.

ONGC-AEG awards consists of a cash prize of Rs.50,000/- and a certificate in each category.

List of recipients (1997 - 2005)




Dr.N.Purna Chandar Rao

Mean slip angle technique: A new approach to analysis of earthquake source mechanism data


Dr.Dinesh Gupta

Geophysical exploration for Lead-Zinc occurrences in Rajasthan, India with special reference to Borehole and Pexmel methods


Dr.Sukanta Roy

Geothermal studies in the Indian Shield ground temperature history and crustal thermal structure


Dr.Virendramani Tiwari

Spatial and temporal changes in the gravity field - a study over Deccan Volcanic Province, India


Dr.Bijendra Singh

A new method for the computation of gravity field and modelling of gravity signatures of a cenozoic rift and proterozoic collision zones of the north west and central India


Dr.Labani Ray

Crustal thermal structure of the southern granulite province, India


Dr.Somaditya Dutta

Enhancement of seismic data in tectonically disturbed areas of some petroliferous basins of India


Dr.Laxmidhar Behera

Seismic imaging of Mahanadi delta and its tectonic significance


Dr.Sandeep Kumar Gupta

Shear Velocity structure of the South Indian Crust using Teleseismic waveform Modelling


Dr.S. Sri Lakshmi

Non-linear analysis and artificial neural network modelling of earthquake time series


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