AEG has released a large number of publications over the last two decades and also publishes the Journal of Geophysics.The Journal attracts scientific papers from a large number of earth science institutions in India and abroad. Since inception of the Association more than 2402 papers were presented in the Annual seminars of the association. In addition, research papers were also received directly for publication in the journal. After rigorous reviewing process by experts in India and abroad, so far 531 papers have been published between July, 1980 and July-October, 2002. Over 1000 copies of the Journal are circulated to AEG members and subscribers in India and abroad.


List of Publications

Principles and Applications of Groundwater Geophysics

3rd Edition
by S. Murali and N.S. Patangay

Hard Bound : Rs. 1000/- (US$ 100)


Fire Within
by Dr. Hari Narain

Hard Bound : Rs. 400/- (US$ 40)


Proceedings of the workshop on the Great Shillong Earthquake - 1897: A Retrospective
Hard Bound : Rs. 500/- (US$ 50)


Proceedings of 2nd International Seminar & Exhibition on Geophysics Beyond 2000, 1996
Paper pack : Rs. 2,000/- (US$ 200)


Seven Decades of Geophysics in Northeast India
by Kharak Singh, A. Chaudhury and N. Bhattacharyya

Paper pack : Rs.500/- (US$ 50)


Proceedings of First International Seminar & Exhibition on Exploration Geophysics in Nineteen Nineties, 1991 (2 Volumes)
Rexine Bound : Rs.1,000/- (US$100)


Geophysical Methods and Techniques, Volume - II, 1980
Edited by V.L.S. Bhimasankaram, I.B. Ramaprasada Rao and V. Gopala Rao

Rexine Bound : Rs.100/- (US$ 40)


Geophysical Case Histories of India, Volume-I (MB Ramachandra Rao Volume), 1978
Edited by V.L.S. Bhimasankaram

Rexine Bound : Rs.100/- (US$ 15)


Remote Sensing in Subsurface Exploration, 1981 Edited by Wg. Cdr. K.R. Rao and S.K. Bhan
Rexine Bound : Rs.200/- (US$ 40)


Role of Magnetotellurics (MT) in Geophysical Prospecting - A review, 1985 By Prof. A. Adam
Rexine Bound : Rs. 75/- (US$ 15)


Principles and Methods of Nuclear Geophysics, 1985
By V.L.S. Bhimasankaram, N. Venkat Rao, K. Sreeramamurthy and E.I. Savanko

Rexine Bound : Rs. 250/- (US$ 50)


Deep Seismic Soundings and Crustal Tectonics (Proceedings of the International Symposium on Deep Seismic Sounding Traverses)
By K.L. Kaila and H.C. Tewari

Rexine Bound : Rs. 250/- (US$ 50)


Interpretation of Gravity and Magnetic anomalies in space and frequency domains, 1989
By I.V. Radhakrishna Murthy and D.C. Mishra

Rexine Bound : Rs. 250/- (US$ 50)


Advances in Coal Geophysics, 1989
Guest Editor: R.K. Verma

Rexine Bound : Rs. 250/- (US$ 50)


General and Applied Geophysics, 1990
By I.K. Kaul, A.K. Bhattacharya and S. Sen Gupta

Paper pack : Rs.150/ (US$ 30); Rexine Bound Rs. 250/- (US$ 50)


Exploration Geophysics - An outline (Second Edition) 1990
By V.L.S. Bhimasankaram

Paper pack : Rs.150/- (US$ 30); Rexine Bound : Rs. 250/- (US$ 50)


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