Association of Exploration Geophysicists (AEG) annual seminars are held in different parts of India, where reputed geoscientific organisations / university departments are located. In the process, AEG has been able to enthuse and involve geoscientists on a common platform in different parts of our country. Depending on the geological settings in the region, special themes are identified and papers are invited.

                   AEG seminars address a broad range of scientific and technical topics including Exploration and Development of Hydrocarbon and Mineral Exploration, Ground Water Studies, Climate change, Environmental / Engineering Studies, Remote Sensing, Airborne Geophysics, Earthquake prediction, Tectonic Studies and Man power development.

                   AEG seminars are normally attended by a wide specturm of participants from various organisations and educational institutions engaged in Earthscience activities. The delegates to the annual seminars of the association represent all the major fields of earth sciences viz., research, professional and education.

                   The organisation of training courses, workshops and exhibitions further strengthen the interaction and dissemination of knowledge specially in the field of geophysics. AEG annual conventions have come to be viewed as a rallying point for earth scientists of this country and ever increasing numbers in the conventions is the testimony to the support the association receives, from the geoscientists both in India and abroad.

                   The exhibitions organised by AEG provide the exhibitors an opportunity to meet and interact with the captains and decision makers of the Indian Geophysical community.

AEG Seminar Venues (1974-2016)


Since its inception, AEG has organized 37 seminars on various themes to coincide with its 37 annual conventions in different parts of the country.

                   The venues of the seminars are chosen in those places, where active geophysical programmes are under way. Along with each seminar on Exploration Geophysics a special theme is selected to focus on the characteristic geological problems.

                   Along with each seminar on Exploration Geophysics a special theme is selected to focus on the geological problems characteristic to the area where the seminar is organized.

   AEG will be organising its 38th Annual Convention and Seminar on Exploration Geophysics 20 - 22 October, 2016, Hyderabad, Telangana State, India.