Strengthening the capability for application of digital methods in geophysical, geochemical and geological mapping at the national geo-scientific institutions of India - “INDIGEO”

Sponsored by

SAIL, The Netherlands


Implementing Institutions:
Geological Survey of India (GSI)/GSI Training Institute (GSI-TI).
International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences (ITC).
Maastricht School of Management (MSM)
Association of Exploration Geophysicists(AEG)

This is a collaborative project between organisations in India and The Netherlands

Project summary

The Indian geo-science agencies need support to increase their awareness of digital technology; to accelerate their existing programmes of re-orientation towards up-to-date digital methods of acquisition, storage and publication of geoscience data; and most importantly to upgrade their human resources base through training in the required fields. The project would provide for the Indian geo-science institutions and for the GSI in particular.

So far two batches of Officers from Geological Survey of India, one batch consisting of eight Geoscientists from Geological Survey of India, one from Andhra University received training in the Netherlands during the year 1999. The second batch of trainers programme is presently on in the Enshcede, the Netherlands. A state of art computer laboratory is established in GSI, Southern Region, Hyderabad for training in India. Two batches of Geoscientists were trained by the first batch of TOTS after their return to India. It is expected that over 300 Geoscientists will be trained in the art of digital methods of the two years.