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Year of Publication : 2004
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Part One: Education

1. To my young Friends 2. A dream came true but… 3. Indian Universities System – Societal obligations of Universities 4. Correspondence with Prof. Joshi

Part Two: The Australian Experience

1. Academic and Cultural Activities in Australia 2. Indian attitude to White Australian Policy 3. The street I live in

Part Three : Traditional Indian Culture and Science

1. The Hindu religion 2. What is Hinduism ? 3. Modern relevance of traditional culture and science

Part Four: Building Institutions

1. Pleasure and Pains in establishing a new Research Institute 2. My Reminiscences of ONGC 3. The foundation stone of NGRI

Part Five: Science and Indian Society

1.Impact of science and technology 2. Husbanding India’s Resources 3. Development and Environment 4. Education, Science and Technology for development 5. Science for peace and progress 6. Science for technology and development 7. CSIR and its societal obligations

Part Six: Scientific development of Natural Resources

1. Our natural resources and their exploitation 2. Integrated approach to natural resouces development and petroleum exploration 3. Correspondence with Shri C. Subramaniam 4. Natural resouces commission 5. Managing resources and growth

Part Seven : Rural Development through science and technology

1. Karimnagar – CSIR’s experiment in Integrated rural development 2. Earth resources and an approach to rural development 3. Integrated approach through science and technology – correspondence with Rajiv Gandhi 4. An approach to Integrated rural development through science and technology 5. Government apathy to sciences and technology for rural development

Part Eight : Earth Sciences in India

1. Earth sciences – Evolution and Challenges 2. Geophysics in India – a Profile 3. Education pattern for Geophysics beyond 2000 4. Whither geosciences 5. Science in India – The lost opportunities

“The Fire Within is sure to be read avidly not only by a large number of well-wishers of Dr. Hari Narain, but by the general public as well, interested in the advancement of the country at the educational, scientific and cultural levels”

B.P. Radhakrishna
President, Geological Society of India, Bangalore