A EG started publication of the Journal in 1980. The Journal of Geophysics is a Quarterly Journal and is currently in its XXXVI volume


The Journal attracts scientific papers from a large number of earth science institutions in India and abroad. Since inception of the Association more than 3000 papers were presented in the Annual seminars of the association. In addition, research papers were also received directly for publication in the journal. After rigorous reviewing process by experts in India and abroad, so far 760 papers have been published between July, 1980 and January 2015. Over 1000 copies of each issue of the Journal are circulated to AEG members and subscribers in India and abroad. ....... More


AEG Best Ph.D. Thesis Award - 2020 New

Sriram Srinivasan Award - 2020 New
AEG Brochure
42nd Annual Convention, Seminar and Exhibition on
Exploration Geophysics - 2021

Last date for submission of Abstracts extanded to 10th November, 2021
Last date for submission of AEG-Ph.D Thesis award extanded to 5th November, 2021.
Last date for nomanitions of Sriram Srinivasan Award extanded to 5th November, 2021.


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