Development and Dissemination of Contours to Images Methodology for Geoscientific Data to Aid Deep Continental Studies in India

Sponsored by

Department of Science and Technology
Government of India, New Delhi


Implementing Institution:
Association of Exploration Geophysicists (AEG)

Principal Investigator:
Prof. Y. Sreedhar Murthy

Project summary

The general opinion about conversion of contour maps to digital mode is that it is an extremely time consuming and expensive process. In order to promote enhanced applications and use of the digital approach in earth sciences an innovative methodology was developed at AEG to trace and digitise contour maps quickly. The project will help in disseminating state of art digitising methods, introducing alternative methods to replace expensive commercial imported software and demonstrating the advantages of images over contours to a wide cross section of scientists, officers, teachers and research scholars in various organisations and universities. The project will support the publication of an Atlas on Geophysical images of India and their relation to various Geological and tectonic features.